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Changing our nation: partner with us

“It is justice, not charity, that is wanting in the world”- Mary Wolstonecraft

When individuals and corporate partners come alongside an organisation – it is not merely an act of charity, its a compelling act of justice to put the wrongs of our society right. But donating to O Grace Land, corporates and responsible individuals impact our communities and become powerful agents of change in our nation.

Our nation is watching leaders (in business and civil society) – waiting to see who will step up and build our nation. From our side, we will help share the word that you have partnered with O Grace Land to make an impact.

There are many ways to partner with O Grace Land in order to shape our nation by helping the vulnerable women in our city. Of course every single donation is honoured with a Section 18A form which makes your donation tax deductible.

How to give to O Grace Land

Monthly giving

Both individuals and corporates can commit to giving a set monthly amount. Research has shown that this is the most sustainable form of giving as an organisation can budget with these amounts in mind.

Large amounts

A donation in the shape of a large lump sum can be a huge help in that it can be ear-marked for a specific item. This is easily manageable and it is simple to report back to the donor. Your large amount can go towards a specific programme, a building programme, or a social worker or programme director’s salary. We recently received large lump sums from Standard Bank and individual donors and are most thankful for the support to O Grace Land as she takes her first steps.


If you love the work of O Grace Land, please consider making a bequest towards the girl’s education or living arrangements. A large sum would be set aside to run a specific project or for education for girls who excel. You can also consider putting aside a bequest with a specific O Grace Land Scholarship in mind.

Donations in Kind 

O Grace Land aims to be fully sustainable – this means we will have to partner with organisations and small business to ensure our costs are as low as can be. From cleaning products to our ceiling (sponsored entirely by a generous supplier) to food we welcome donations in kind.

A major challenge: Paying for Salaries

One challenge around giving is powering the very engine of every youth project: paying for the salaries of managers, programme managers and social workers. Helping youth thrive is a job that people do. It isn’t covered merely by purchasing tangible items. Without the leadership and guiding hands of qualified, experienced people the very challenging task of running a girls’ home would be impossible.

When making a donation to O Grace Land please consider ear-marking your donation for ‘salaries’ of running costs – it may not be something concrete we can show you, but our audited books and annual AGM will prove your money has been well spent on excellent people to help lead these girls into a bright future. Of course you are always welcome to visit O Grace Land and see your donation hard at work and lives changed.